As a change from the advertised programme, Saturday night’s performance by Llandudno Swing Band has been relocated to the Llandudno Ski & Snowboard Centre. This will enable a larger-sized band to perform than in the original location of the bandstand at the foot of the Happy Valley.

The performance starts at 6.30pm on Saturday 19th September. The band will perform a set of favourite film and show tunes before the start of the open-air movie screening. To find out more, please visit the event’s page.


Llandudno Arts Weekend is asking the public to get involved in an event with renowned choreographer Cecilia MacFarlane. Cecilia, who was co-choreographer on the original cult classic film, The Wicker Man, has teamed up with community dance programme Dawns i Bawb. Together, they are seeking male members of the public to help create a unique dance performance.

The performance will be part of LLAWN03, the third Llandudno Arts Weekend. Cecilia is looking for male participants, either a father and a son, or two people of different generations who have a special relationship. Performers can be any age over four years old. The team also need musicians to accompany the performers.

Cecilia and her performers will be working on the themes of sheds, shelters and dens. Together, the group will be making a transportable structure, which will be moved around Llandudno as the group perform in various locations. The performance is called Dros Dro, which is Welsh for temporary.

Marc Rees, curator of LLAWN03, says, “Cecilia has worked internationally and delivered amazing projects involving people of all ages. She is critically acclaimed among the dance sector for her unique way of working with several generations. We’re looking for performers will a special bond, they could be cousins or someone who is emblematic for them. We’re really looking forward to bringing an intergenerational exploration to the festival.”

Rehearsals are in Llandudno on:
Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September, 10am-4pm
Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September, 10am-4pm

Performances are on:
Saturday 19 and Sunday 20th September

To find out more, or if you would like to be involved as a performer or musician, please get in touch with Dawns i Bawb at

Notes to Editors:

LLAWN03 | Llandudno Arts Weekend #3 | Curator, Marc Rees
Three days of free arts events in Llandudno | 18-20 Sept 2015 |

• LLAWN03 is Llandudno’s annual FREE arts festival.
• LLAWN03 will offer more than 30 events over three days in September, with many events commissioned especially for the festival.
• LLAWN03 will showcase local, national and international artists in its programme.
• LLAWN03 will offer an eclectic programme of events which will celebrate Llandudno’s past, present and future.
• LLAWN03 will include visual art, performance, music, intervention and site-specific installation in a programme designed to be attractive to all sections of the community.
• LLAWN03 is working in collaboration with a number of arts partners: MOSTYN, Helfa Gelf, Royal Cambrian Academy, Migrations, Llandudno Museum, TAPE Community Music and Film, Conwy County Borough Council and Venue Cymru.
• LLAWN03 has been made possible by the collaborative initiative and financial support of MOSTYN, Arts Council Wales, Mostyn Estates, Conwy County Borough Council and Llandudno Town Council.


LLAWN02, Llandudno Arts Weekend, is showcasing a host of Welsh artists this September.

The Weekend is a contemporary, free-of-charge festival incorporating dance, film, music and installations. Curator Marc Rees has placed particular emphasis on performances and artwork based on Welsh heritage and culture.

Dancer Cai Tomos will perform the world premiere of a specially commissioned piece on the changing fortunes of Wales’ religious spaces. ‘Gymanfa’ uses recordings of the people who inhabit former chapels, building a layer of sound to create a virtual choir. The piece takes place in a disused Tabernacle, bringing the building to life and questioning how it can be used in a secular society.

Meanwhile, performance artist Kathryn Ashill will be interpreting the story of Eliza Pugh, a young deaf girl who lived on Anglesey during the early years of Queen Victoria’s reign. Eliza produced a beautiful pictorial dictionary of images as a tool for learning and communication, which Kathryn will use as the inspiration for a performance with North Wales Deaf Association members.

A series of replica bathing machines on the Promenade will host installations by Welsh artists. Leading urban artist Pure Evil, from South Wales, was recently named by the Observer as one of urban art’s “big names”. He will exhibit in Wales for the very first time in a bathing machine housing a graffiti portrait of Queen Victoria and a silent disco. In a second bathing machine, Llandudno-based artist Alana Tyson will create silhouette portraits of the public. She will use traditional cutting techniques inspired by Britain’s most famous silhouettist, Harry L. Oakley, who operated from a studio on Llandudno Pier in the first half of the 20th century. Another bathing machine will be inhabited by Catrin Doyle’s ‘Child’s Cinema’. Catrin, a Welsh film maker, will use Victorian-inspired inventions to create an interactive cinema experience that children can power themselves.

Local artist Ceri Rimmer will hold a workshop on the Promenade that reflects the importance of tourism, enjoyment and leisure to the North Wales economy. Visitors with mobility scooters, micro scooters or bicycles will be encouraged to temporarily customise them using cardboard, foam or feathers. The participative event will culminate in a Prom Prix, a piece of physical theatre that will engage locals and holidaymakers alike.

 Marc Rees explains, “While LLAWN welcomes performances from all over the world, it’s important that the festival reflects the history and culture of its setting. Our Welsh artists will be expressing their varied interpretations of Wales past, present and future.”

 LLAWN02 takes place on 19th to 21st September. See the full programme here.




LLAWN02, Llandudno Arts Weekend, launches this week by announcing the winner of a coveted spot in the programme.

The free arts festival, which runs from the 19th to 21st September, is centred on a series of colourful bathing machines lining the promenade. One of the bathing machines was especially reserved for a local artist, to be selected from North Wales’ artists who responded to an open call.

This week, LLAWN02’s curator, Marc Rees, announced that the chosen artist is Llandudno-based Alana Tyson. Members of the public will be able to visit Alana in her bathing machine, where she will create their silhouettes. The piece is inspired by the work of Harry L. Oakley, who was Britain’s most famous silhouette artist. Oakley operated out of a studio on Llandudno Pier from the 1920s to the late 1950s, and a memorial in the churchyard St Tudno’s Church commemorates him as an “Artist and Silhouettist”.

Alana said, “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share my work with the audience at LLAWN02. My piece, Shades by the Seaside, will use traditional card-cutting techniques to reproduce visitors’ profiles in silhouette. At the same time, I will lead each sitter through the mental creation of a second portrait of a loved-one.” Curator Marc Rees said, “While LLAWN02 celebrates art from all over the world, it’s important to link to Llandudno’s past and present too. The open call for local artists was a vital part of anchoring the festival within the community, and we’re delighted that the winning artist is able to draw inspiration from another artist with links to the town.”

Find out more about Alana’s installation here.



20140812_115556There is a tale about Queen Victoria using a bathing machine for the first time and thoroughly enjoying the experience until she put her head under the water and felt as though she would be stifled!

Llandudno’s Bathing  Machines lined the sea edge in their heyday. A real attraction for the day trippers and tourists which is why Marc Rees, LLAWN’s festival curator, wanted to place the Bathing Machines at the heart of his new festival, LLAWN01, in 2013. The contemporary versions of these iconic machines with their fascinating installations and events, were so popular with the festival visitors that it quickly became obvious they would remain at the heart of all future festivals.

So, earlier this year, Mostyn Estates, the primary sponsor of LLAWN02, started to construct 6 Bathing Machines for this year’s festival, based upon the original Victorian drawings. Today, Tomos Barton, Production Manager, and I went to see them in Mostyn Estates’ storage facility. Even stacked as component parts, they look wonderful. Just apply paint!

A big thank you to Mostyn Estates for supporting the festival so splendidly and to Mark Groom and his colleagues, Paul Groom and Glyn Davies, who have built such wonderfully strong and attractive Bathing Machines. We look forward to using them for years to come.