Grease (PG) the movie (with Kitsch n Sync)

Yn dilyn poblogrwydd sgrinio Jaws yn yr awyr agored ar y prom yn LLAWN01, fe fyddwn y tro hyn yn trawsnewid Maes Parcio’r Bysiau (drws nesaf i gaffi CAIS) yn Sinema Awyr Agored i geir, er mwyn dangos y ffilm berffaith ar gyfer lleoliad o’r fath, sef Grease, gydag ychwanegiad symudiadau perfformiadol dan ofal Kitsch n Sync Collective.

Caffi Cais is supporting this event and will be open until 21.15 for the sale of burgers, hot dogs, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

To start the evening, Llandudno’s Swing Band will get everyone in the mood for the evening, with a lively selection of tunes from the ’50s. We will then screen the premiere of a short film by National Theatre Wales’ Film Team. Film Team are a group of young filmmakers who make films by and for themselves. Founded by Jan Miller in 2011 after meeting at the Scala Film Club in Prestatyn, they made seaside horror ‘The Lighthouse’ & the murder mystery, ‘unreel’, under the guidance of National Theatre Wales’ Gavin Porter for TEAM. 

Then, when everyone is sitting comfortably, and is tuned in to 87.7FM, Grease (PG) will begin.

The schedule for the evening is:

18.30 Admission to the Coach park begins, if there is a queue, please be patient, we will park you as quickly as possible and you will be able to hear the Swing Band whilst you wait. The Band will play until 19.30.

19.30 Short films by National Theatre Wales’ Film Team

20..00 Grease (PG)

22.00 Event ends

Please note that some of the above times may change in response to circumstances but they are accurate as of today, Monday 15 September. All significant chnges will posted to Facebook  (LLAWN) and our News page here on

Please note also, that once the Coach Park is full, you will need to move away from the area of the Drive-in as quickly as you can to prevent road congestion. However, there will be an area cordoned off for those who cannot park or who would just prefer to bring their fold-up chairs and watch, en plein air! If you do this, then please be sure to bring a personal radio/mobile phone and your earphones. We do not want to cause undue noise for the local residents and the filmtrack will NOT be broadcast over a PA, just on 87.7 FM.

Please note that a condition of licence is that car engines are NOT running during the evening. If you are concerned about how long your car battery will last then please bring a portable radio and use that to listen to the film score. Also, to ensure the safety of people at the event, once parked, you will not be able to move off the Coach Park unless you have to respond to an emergency. In this case, you will be escorted off site by a member of staff.

We hope you have a wonderful time!











  • Where: Coach Park
  • When: Saturday
  • Time: Coach park open 18.30, Grease(PG) starts at 20.00
  • BBFC Rated PG
  • Catering available at CAIS Cafe, on site
  • Area for people with chairs
  • Drive-in movie


Young Filmmaker Photos: Jan Miller