GWYMON cymraeg



An amazing, vertical dance duet on the outside wall of Venue Cymru.

Gwymon draws inspiration from the work and life of writer Eluned Morgan (1870 – 1938), who was born aboard the ship Myfanwy travelling to Patagonia. In 1909 she published Gwymon y Môr, describing a voyage from Britain to Patagonia. Seaweed is usually anchored and sways with the movement of the sea.

This work explores a primal female connection to the sea, based on myths and stories of women and the sea, for example, dangerous sirens luring ships onto the rocks. Like seaweed, which can be nutritious but poisonous if left to rot, the dance explores contradictory extremes of female power. Anchored by ropes, the eyes of the women scan the horizon, searching, their bodies swaying and undulating with the motion of the darting, rocking, swelling sea.

Not to be missed!


  • Where: Venue Cymru
  • When: Saturday
  • Time: 15.00