Rock Cliché features two Hijinx artists with autism, both of whom perform in the show and have devised the show alongside director Morgan Thomas.

It uses a sound sample programme to allow the performers and audience members to feel like they are really playing their imaginary instruments. It also uses mashups of song lyrics in place of speech to hilarious effect. It is fun, interactive, outrageous, ridiculous and anarchic. A perfect combination for street or festival performances.

In Rock Cliché we live out Jack’s fantasy, as Rocky Legend, the front man of the world’s biggest rock band as he arrives on stage to play a sold-out stadium gig, only to find his band have disappeared, all killed in unlikely on-stage accidents. With the help of his ever-faithful roadie, they must “put the band back together”, only for the fun to be spoilt, and the fantasy broken, by the arrival of Jack’s mum.

Rock Cliché playfully explores the relationship between the adored, pampered face of a band and the unsung backstage heroes. It is an ode to rock excess in all its glory, and an ironic look at what we see as success.

Rock Cliche is an Articulture Strategic Commission


  • SATURDAY 12 and 3pm
  • Promenade Bandstand
  • www.hijinx.org.uk
  • Articulture Strategic Commission