Glas, Melyn, Coch: Pa liw ydych chi?

This interactive game is based around the three primary colours: red, yellow & blue. You will see three figures wandering around the promenade and in town trying to find objects or people with matching colours for their ‘team’. They will take pictures that will be exhibited in the building of Tacile Bosch on Sunday. This will show what is the most popular colour. You are encouraged to come to the game wear one of the three colours to support the team you like to win.

Femke van Gent

Femke is a social artist. She brings people together, creating something between them.  Over the years she has collaborated with contemporary dancers who bring her objects to life. She also creates costumes and objects that are used in interactions. Sometimes she travels with an object, gathers peoples stories and take pictures of them with the object. People are surprised and it makes their day.


Femke is joined on Saturday by Emily Meilleur & Alison Sheriff