LLAWN02, Llandudno Arts Weekend, launches this week by announcing the winner of a coveted spot in the programme.

The free arts festival, which runs from the 19th to 21st September, is centred on a series of colourful bathing machines lining the promenade. One of the bathing machines was especially reserved for a local artist, to be selected from North Wales’ artists who responded to an open call.

This week, LLAWN02’s curator, Marc Rees, announced that the chosen artist is Llandudno-based Alana Tyson. Members of the public will be able to visit Alana in her bathing machine, where she will create their silhouettes. The piece is inspired by the work of Harry L. Oakley, who was Britain’s most famous silhouette artist. Oakley operated out of a studio on Llandudno Pier from the 1920s to the late 1950s, and a memorial in the churchyard St Tudno’s Church commemorates him as an “Artist and Silhouettist”.

Alana said, “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share my work with the audience at LLAWN02. My piece, Shades by the Seaside, will use traditional card-cutting techniques to reproduce visitors’ profiles in silhouette. At the same time, I will lead each sitter through the mental creation of a second portrait of a loved-one.” Curator Marc Rees said, “While LLAWN02 celebrates art from all over the world, it’s important to link to Llandudno’s past and present too. The open call for local artists was a vital part of anchoring the festival within the community, and we’re delighted that the winning artist is able to draw inspiration from another artist with links to the town.”

Find out more about Alana’s installation here.


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