20140812_115556There is a tale about Queen Victoria using a bathing machine for the first time and thoroughly enjoying the experience until she put her head under the water and felt as though she would be stifled!

Llandudno’s Bathing  Machines lined the sea edge in their heyday. A real attraction for the day trippers and tourists which is why Marc Rees, LLAWN’s festival curator, wanted to place the Bathing Machines at the heart of his new festival, LLAWN01, in 2013. The contemporary versions of these iconic machines with their fascinating installations and events, were so popular with the festival visitors that it quickly became obvious they would remain at the heart of all future festivals.

So, earlier this year, Mostyn Estates, the primary sponsor of LLAWN02, started to construct 6 Bathing Machines for this year’s festival, based upon the original Victorian drawings. Today, Tomos Barton, Production Manager, and I went to see them in Mostyn Estates’ storage facility. Even stacked as component parts, they look wonderful. Just apply paint!

A big thank you to Mostyn Estates for supporting the festival so splendidly and to Mark Groom and his colleagues, Paul Groom and Glyn Davies, who have built such wonderfully strong and attractive Bathing Machines. We look forward to using them for years to come.

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