So before the festival weekend arrives in 100 days, LLAWN asks, what can YOU create over 100 days?

The team at LLAWN are inviting you to take up your own creative challenge for 100 days, share it with them over social media and maybe even be invited to present the collection of photographs or recordings at LLAWN05. Pick an activity, maybe something new you’ve always wanted to try, maybe something you want to improve in, maybe something purely for fun.

You might try learning a musical instrument. Maybe sketch a doodle in under one minute. Write a poem on a post-it-note. Grow a plant for the first time. Find 100 poses. Photograph the faces that you see in every day objects. Perhaps you make something different every day using the same form. Perhaps you do the exact same thing every single day, repeating the task daily, collecting 100 examples of the same idea… the choice is yours.

Do it every day. Photograph it, or record it, and share it with the team at LLAWN over social media.


Suitable For: all ages