9: Royal Cambrian Academy

During LLAWN01 the Royal Cambrian Academy produced an exhibition with the title “Vestry Visions” in response to the festival’s theme  ‘The Presence of Absence’. For this year’s intervention “9”, the subject remains the same but the process will be a little different .

Following the success of LLAWN01 we were approached by a new partner, Llandudno Museum. To support the development of the Museum’s profile within the town. I proceeded to explore their huge archive
store (a curator’s dream) in order to select 9 artefacts to display that resonated with the Festival’s underpinning theme which also connected with Llandudno’s heritage. The objects and their associated backgrounds will provide the stimulus for the 9 Academicians to respond through paint, collage or 3D. The finished pieces will be exhibited alongside the 9 artefacts.

In order to assist in the selection of the objects and to match them with RCA members I interviewed each artist on camera in their own home studios . These interviews and subsequent choice of artefacts were
filmed by Pete Telfer of Culture Colony.

Then, rather than simply respond to the actual objects, the artists took inspiration from a written description and a tiny pictorial detail, which I supplied.

The artefact and related art work will not meet  until the exhibition in Tudno Castle Hotel. The installation will incorporate the 9 objects; the 9 artistic responses, the 9 descriptions and a video edit of the 9 interviews.

During LLAWN01 we had almost 2000 visitors through Tudno Castle Hotel’s rotating door (restored by Mostyn Estates for the festival). The popular bell hop who enticed people into the Hotel will return to greet festival goers once more.

This will be the very last chance to visit the hotel therefore a great opportunity to populate it with art; be a part of its history and bid it a fond farewell.


Marc Rees, Curator


  • Where: Tudno Castle Hotel
  • When: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Times: 11.00 – 17.00 each day