Adam James

Larp about with us!

Larp stands for live action role play. You might best associate this with dungeons and dragons, however artist Adam James has turned larp into an artform, incorporating dance, sculpture and costumes and is looking for players to join him in Elephant Cave on the Orme!

James’ focus is on the experimental style of Nordic larp. This is a particular tradition of larp that is understood as a progressive and creative form of interactive role-play and mode for storytelling. At its basic formation, the participants assume roles and characters within a set fiction—to enact an incredibly diverse range of ideas and subjects—with the goal of creating thematic coherence, immersion and collaboration.

‘Voyage and return’

A live action roleplay (larp) about forgotten, priceless and worthless objects returning to their place of origin.

The zigzag jawbone, copper ore, sole of a shoe, wooden shovel, stone hammer, bone pick, bears tooth, stuffed gorillas’ foot, sleeping bag and a bronze axe awake to find themselves in human form. Driven by a shared purpose they set off on a journey, to return to the heart of the great elephant.

In this physical, collaborative short-form larp Adam invites you to play as a cast of objects, and to collectively partake in the telling of their new experiences, threats overcome, strange lands and reasons to return to the Great Orme. The larp will begin in the Tabernacle with an introductory workshop in which characters and  relationships are fleshed out, before continuing on route up to Elephant cave upon where the larp will take place.

Adam James

Adam James (b. 1978) is a British artist. At the heart of his practice is a desire to bring people together in order to understand the self and to open up new ways of being and interacting. He uses non-verbal play to encourage forms of dialogue, mediation and the reconsideration of sameness and difference. James makes sculptural objects, drawings, photographs, videos and texts that all arise from his steadfast involvement in the performative practice of live action role play (larp).


  • The larp can be played by anyone above the age of 12.
  • It will last for about 21/2 hours
  • 10.30 start SUNDAY 15th
  • Starts from: Tabernacle Church, 6 Tudno St, Llandudno LL30 2HB
  • There will be a safe place to keep your valuables during the LARP
  • Please wear solid shoes and bring waterproofs – you may get muddy!

Please note the LARP takes place in a cave on the Orme, uneven ground and steep sections and so will be unsuitable for those in wheelchairs.

To take part and play in the larp yourself, or for more information – please register your interest with us using

Places are limited so booking is advised.  Larp players must be age 12 and upwards.

Tabernacle Church 11am