Behind the line

Behind the Line

Trish Bermingham and Emily-Jane Hillman – artists at HAUS

A line can denote a journey from one place to another; it can also mark a division of spaces.” – Trish Bermingham will be looking behind the line of an ordinary journey marking simple acts of heroism and playing with the separation of space.

Emily-Jane’s dreamlike figures float up into consciousness, defying definition. Here, boundaries are in a state of flux, which can be frightening, but also liberating. Her chalkboard pieces express the transitory nature of states of being: Exuberant children jumping on a beach are seen in terms of how a photographic negative reveals what lies behind – childhood as impermanent as chalk.

(First picture Trish, last two Emily-Jane Hillman)


  • Emily-Jane Hillman & Trish Bermingham
  • Visual Art
  • Location: HAUS
  • Friday 13th: 7:30pm
  • Saturday 14th: 11 to 4pm
  • Sunday 15th: 12 to 3pm