There is a tale about Queen Victoria using a bathing machine for the first time and thoroughly enjoying the experience until she put her head under the water and felt as though she would be stifled!

Llandudno’s Bathing Machines lined the sea edge in their heyday. A real attraction for the day trippers and tourists which is why, when LLAWN began, we wanted to place the Bathing Machines at the heart of the festival.

This year CaLL invited proposals from artists “to take a closer look at Llandudno and what makes it work..’; and 3 proposals have been chosen to be part of LLAWN05. This is one of them:

Jenny Cashmore has developed a Llandudno Palette of colours reflecting the town’s natural and built environment. For LLAWN, she will be constructing a nail bar social space within a bathing machine offering manicures inspired by this colour scheme. Everyone is welcome, please come in for a chat and an exclusive Llandudno manicure!

This project has been commissioned by CALL and supported by Ideas:people:Places funding.