‘D A Y’ is a project that takes place in the atrium space at MOSTYN and is a counterpoint to ‘T O N I G H T’, a project presented on the façade of MOSTYN’s building, also happening during LLAWN05.


The first iteration of ‘D A Y’ is by Nicola Dale who will be presenting The Act of Reading (2017) throughout Saturday 16th September. For the piece Dale imitates a series of poses derived from art historical depictions of women reading, recalling MOSTYN’s origin as a temporary home for exhibitions by the Gwynedd Ladies’ Art Society, as well as connecting with MOSTYN’s recent exhibition programme which has used this past history as inspiration for exhibitions in the present. The hidden nature of the past and is also evoked by the performance of The Act of Reading (2017) itself – it is enacted in such a way that it might go unnoticed, shading into the fabric of everyday life and that its subtlety is revealed only through closer inspection.


The project will be accompanied by a conversation between the artist and Adam Carr (MOSTYN, Visual Arts Programme Curator), which will be available as a text on MOSTYN’s website:


Suitable For: all ages