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  • FRIDAY – Launch event
  • SATURDAY and SUNDAY – All Day
  • Roaming Performance – Promenade and
  • Get Involved!
  • www.garystevens.org

Local performers coalesce at different sites in and around the town of Llandudno throughout the day: on the promenade, in shops and on the streets. A murmuring, muttering cacophony of different songs grow through repetition. Fragments of advertising jingles, pop songs, nursery rhymes compete with one another until one song survives. The song unifies the group who erupt in a tumultuous chorus that seems beyond the control of the performers. It blossoms and dies as groups form and disperse.

Gary Stevens studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths and the Slade. He has worked with live performances since 1984. He has taught in many art schools and run many international performance workshops. He is a Reader in Fine Art and has been a tutor at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London since 2007.

Particpants Wanted

Artist Gary Stevens needs people of all ages to form a roaming ensemble group that will perform at LLAWN. Gary would like to welcome a diverse group including practicing artists from all disciplines alongside those with little or no experience of performance. The work depends on everyone working together on an equal basis and the most important attribute is the ability to listen and respond to the other members of the group. The work will need you to walk around Llandudno for extended periods of time – with occasional bursts of singing – but you don’t need to be a professional singer to join in!

About Gary Stevens

Gary has developed inter-related live group, solo and site-specific performances since the early 1980s. He has also produced performative works for video installations. The work is rooted in the visual arts, but has links to theatre. He is currently a Reader in Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London where he has been a tutor since 2007. He is an artist with Artsadmin and lives and works in London. The live ensembles explore the idea of multiple performers working together to playing one mind.


You would need to be available to rehearse on most of the following dates:

  • Sunday the 18th August – Workshop
  • Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September – Workshops
  • Friday 13th September eve (6-9pm) – Performance
  • Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 September (all day) – Performance

Travel expenses for performers will be covered.

We welcome people from all backgrounds and languages to join in
if you have limited mobility please contact us and we will ensure you can take part.

If there are enough people we will set up a rota for performing over the course of the weekend so you can enjoy the festival too!

To find out more about the project please email : llawn@mostyn.org with your phone number and we will call you back.


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LLAWN presents a TactileBOSCH takeover!

Cardiffs’ infamous artist collective tactileBOSCH is coming to North Wales for the first time and are looking for creatives from across the country to join them at LLAWN.

tactileBOSCH Artist call

Taking LLAWN’s theme ‘A Line In The Sand’ as a point of departure, tactileBOSCH presents ‘Out of Line’, An immersive, site responsive, multimedia event taking place in a derelict Victorian building in the centre, In the spirit of crossing the line, artists are also invited to break out of the space and respond to various sites around the town.

Out of Line celebrates the unruly, the non-linear, the improper, the unexpected, and the defiant. Traversing boundaries, edges, borders. Touching limits, crossing thresholds. Of creases, contours, furrows and grooves. Rules, scored, scratched, and traced. A thread-like mark. A cord, a guide, lineage, descent. A way of acting or proceeding, a direction.

Out of Line will present works which explore, complicate and disrupt the notion of the line and linearity. tactileBOSCH invites submissions from both emerging and established artists. Artists from all mediums can apply, however live work, performance, audio visual and installation is particularly encouraged.

To apply

  • Please send us a description of the artwork you wish to exhibit (200 words max),
  • 4 images of artworks (1MB per image max, along with title, date, media, dimensions / duration etc), artist statement (200 words max.)
  • Please email to info@tactilebosch.co.uk
  • Deadline 1st of August 2019

tactileBOSCH Filmakers call

Taking LLAWN’s theme ‘A Line In The Sand’ as a point of departure, tactileBOSCH presents ‘Out of Line’, a curated programme of experimental film and video.

Selected films will be screened 13th-15th September 2019 at The Tabernacle, a beautifully restored Grade II listed historic chapel in Llandudno, North Wales. The screening will form part of tactileBOSCH’s programme for LLAWN 2019.

To apply

  • Submitted films must be no longer than 20 minutes.
  • Films must be submitted by Midnight 1st August 2019.
  • Please send a link of the film, short synopsis and artist bio to info@tactilebosch.co.uk

tactileBOSCH is an arts collective based in Cardiff that champions experimentation and specializes in performance art, multi-media, and site-specific installation. Through its exciting programme of exhibitions and events, tactileBOSCH seek out and adapt to new spaces and contexts, granting permission to artists to experiment with their work in a way entirely impossible in a traditional or gallery setting, offering interesting, transformative and unusual spaces that audiences can explore, and become immersed in creating a complex dialogue between artist, curator, location and audience.


  • Closing Party!
  • One off event
  • 6.30 -9.30pm
  • Live music and visuals
  • May contain flashing images
  • algorave.com

LLAWN is proud to present the first ever Algorave in North Wales. This will close the festival – so come and dance the final hours of the weekend away with us!

Algorave is a combination of “algorithms” and “rave”, the opportunity to dance to alien rhythms and freaky visuals, all created from code before your eyes. The Algorave scene is fast-growing around the world, with Sheffield a strong centre, building on its fine roots in electronic music history.  Curator, artist and ‘Algoraver’ Antonio Roberts has hand picked the finest coders and artists for this event – it will be a banger!

“The scene at an algorave is often what you’d expect from any good techno night – a dark room, engaging visuals. a decent, bass-heavy speaker set-up, and lots of people ready to dance. .. performers at algoraves respond to each other and the audience in real time, often projecting the lines of code onto the walls as they type. lt’s coding as improvisation and experiment..” – The Wire magazine

“Live coders write computer programs live, while the programs generate their music, but the focus is on people dancing and seriously enjoying themselves” – Dazed and Confused

“.. not so much a revolution as a de-volution, a rolling back to the backend of music production, where the possibilities of the encoded information inside computer software is open and endless” – Mixmag