Join the Faceback community and meet real live people!

Part performance, part game, and fully interactive, Faceback is a durational live artwork that unfolds over hours or days, setting in train a series of face-to-face meetings between strangers.

Your Face is turned into a badge and worn by someone you haven’t met yet. Your mission is to get your Face back!


An antidote to online social networking, Faceback creates live encounters between people who wouldn’t normally meet, whilst playing with ideas of community, face to face contact, and control over our own images. Become part of a huge offline temporary social network as the game gradually pervades LLAWN Festival, generating 100’s of conversations and social encounters between visitors, and adding a unique layer of interaction, fun, and intrigue to your day.

Since 2008, Faceback has connected 10,000’s of people who would not otherwise meet, and has been played across the UK and internationally.

The face behind Faceback is Katie Etheridge, an artist and performance maker who explores and celebrates places of face to face communication, in an increasingly online world. Katie has set up new company Small Acts Ltd to develop Faceback and other arts projects that bring people together who may not otherwise meet. Based in Cornwall, UK, Small Acts creates projects that explore the interrelationships between people and places. Led by artists Simon Persighetti and Katie Etheridge, Small Acts next project Public House, investigates the enduring role and importance of an endangered species of social space: the pub. The project was launched in November 2018 with 500 specially designed pint glasses at Compass Live Art Festival, and is being developed through a Compass Live Art residency with brewers, pub activists, landlords, and beer campaigners in 2019.