There’s a whole range of events and hands on activities for families at this year’s LLAWN!

Come along and get involved!

Family Dance

  • Saturday 14th afternoon
  • Venue Cymru

Come and join Family Dance in exploring the newly painted mural outside of Venue Cymru.  A chance for people of all ages to come together in a creative movement workshop that will take inspiration from the colours, shapes and themes within the mural, turning the floor art into a 3D moving picture.  Spend 5 minutes with us or the whole 2 hours, lots of fun and creativity guaranteed where families can connect and create a moving community of people.

Family Dance is part of the Young Creatives Programme at Venue Cymru, we meet once a month and take part in various festivals throughout the year in either workshop participation or performances.  For more information please contact

Do What yah Mama told yah!

Do what yah mama told yah!Credit Blaze Tarsha

“Do What yah Mama told yah!”

A feast of food fusion and storytelling across geography and generations, in this vibrant comedy circus show!

International contemporary circus artist Blaze and touring circus chef and performer Fatina, are Mother and Daughter in a plate spinning, food juggling, fire blazing show. At LLAWN they’ll be bringing the family kitchen and its recipes from the world to life. Join them on their joyous journey to its epic hula hooping finale!

Just More have a natural interest in the stories behind the meals we eat. Their performances explore how, through food, cultures have integrated and formed new communities and recipes.  This project looks particularly at the little known connection between Welsh and Jamaican history.

Commissioned by Wales Outdoor Arts Commissioning Consortium. Supported via Articulture by the Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government and the National Lottery.



Join Winding Snake Productions 2019 Rangoli tour of Wales and India.

Get involved in a day of learning, making, watching and chatting with the Rangoli: Art that Binds team at MOSTYN.

  • Rangoli is an ancient art form traditionally practised by women across the whole of India.
  • Typically, patterns are created on the floor using coloured sand, rice or flowers and are thought to bring good luck.
  • Rangoli are made for Hindu festivals and other special events and the colourful designs represent life, folklore and culture.
  • Different techniques and materials are used to create Rangoli and are specific to regions.
  • Designs are passed down generation to generation, continuing the tradition across the ages.
  • Rangoli is practised by women all ages, religions and social stations across India, bridging social and cultural divides.


Drop in Mural Workshops

Have you ever noticed the fancy windows and roofs of Llandudno?

Join Nadine Carter Smith from the Royal Cambrian Academy, as she invites you to look up above the shopfronts of the high street. There are hidden masterpieces up there! She’ll help you to draw them in your own style, then add them onto a collaborative mural in a prominent location on Mostyn Street.

  • All materials provided.
  • All ages welcome.
  • 11- 5pm Sat and Sunday



Children can play Faceback too!

Have your photo taken and made into a badge – then swap that badge for another persons.

Your badge (and face) will be lost in Llandudno!

As you travel round LLAWN keep an eye out for families with badges on – they may have your face!!

Please note: children must bring a parent or carer with them to join the game.

Join the Faceback community and meet real live people!

Part performance, part game, and fully interactive, Faceback is a durational live artwork that unfolds over hours or days, setting in train a series of face-to-face meetings between strangers.

Your Face is turned into a badge and worn by someone you haven’t met yet. Your mission is to get your Face back!

An antidote to online social networking, Faceback creates live encounters between people who wouldn’t normally meet, whilst playing with ideas of community, face to face contact, and control over our own images. Become part of a huge offline temporary social network as the game gradually pervades LLAWN Festival, generating 100’s of conversations and social encounters between visitors, and adding a unique layer of interaction, fun, and intrigue to your day.

Since 2008, Faceback has connected 10,000’s of people who would not otherwise meet, and has been played across the UK and internationally.

The face behind Faceback is Katie Etheridge, an artist and performance maker who explores and celebrates places of face to face communication, in an increasingly online world. Katie has set up new company Small Acts Ltd to develop Faceback and other arts projects that bring people together who may not otherwise meet. Based in Cornwall, UK, Small Acts creates projects that explore the interrelationships between people and places. Led by artists Simon Persighetti and Katie Etheridge, Small Acts next project Public House, investigates the enduring role and importance of an endangered species of social space: the pub. The project was launched in November 2018 with 500 specially designed pint glasses at Compass Live Art Festival, and is being developed through a Compass Live Art residency with brewers, pub activists, landlords, and beer campaigners in 2019.

The Hunt for the Twrch Trwyth

Twrch Trwyth2 Credit Ruby Gibbens

The wildest of wild boars the Twrch Trwyth is rampaging through the Welsh countryside. Pursued by the legendary King Arthur, a lovable if not occasionally useless hero. Witness their mighty duel, watch the great beast sniff and growl before his charge! Will our brave king save the day and tame the untamable!

Take a glimpse into a mythical past. Can the monster from the Mabinogion be thwarted?

With striking visual theatre by puppet maker Ruby Gibbens and team, a show suitable for all ages.

Commissioned by Wales Outdoor Arts Commissioning Consortium. Supported via Articulture by the Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government and the National Lottery.