LLAWN welcomes a brand new addition to this years programme – a mural trail!

Murals have been part of our cultural landscape for thousands of years, creating vibrant spaces that people want to visit, live in and enjoy. This year LLAWN invited mural artists from around Europe and the UK to create new geometrical artworks on outdoor walls, playing with the distinctive pastel palette of Llandudno and its architectural details. Slow down, take a detour, explore the town, from the high street to more hidden and unexpected locations and discover the new collective spaces and the dialogues between the artist and the town, between the intricate detailed cornices, moulded doors, window and architraves of the buildings and the new pattern murals.


  • The Royal Cambrian Academy will be offering a hands on experience for those who want to get artistic on a public mural, in a prominent location in town.
  • There will be interactive Augmented Reality Mural in the centre of town – look out for the LLAWN hands on a wall near you!
  • Look out for colourful, and wacky walkabouts and performances which respond to the theme of painting the town across the weekend !
  • Helfa Gelf is to commission a local artist to design a mural treasure hunt with a prize! Keep an eye on our Facebook page  and social media for more updates!

During the weekend you can see the artists putting the final touches to their handy work – feel free to ask them questions – they’ll be happy to talk to you! The mural trail has been curated by local artist Francesca Colussi, its her first project of this kind. She was inspired to approach LLAWN after seeing all kinds of wonderful artworks in cities around Europe. We think it will certainly bring a burst of excitement to Llandudno!

The artists are:

  • Andrew Smith
  • Kera
  • Lucy McLaughlan
  • Rebecca Gould and Iwan Lewis (Studio Cybi)
  • Emrys Williams