Pure Evil: Nightmare on the Promenade



  • Where: Promenade
  • When: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Times: 11.00 – 17.00, each day
  • Internationally acclaimed artist

Charles Uzzell-Edwards (born in South Wales in 1968, son of the celebrated painter John Uzzell-Edwards) is a graffiti artist known by the moniker, Pure Evil and is a stablemate of Banksy. Pure Evil’s road to recognition involves 25 years of country-hopping, clothing design and music, before finally making a mark in the U.K. In 1990 Pure Evil left Britain for California, and began designing screen-printed t-shirt graphics for influential street wear clothing label Anarchic Adjustment. During this time he infiltrated the San Francisco electronic music scene and was heavily influenced by West Coast graffiti artists like Twist and Reminisce. His passion for Graffiti led him to join the group behind Banksy’s Santa’s Ghetto, producing prints. His first solo show was at Truman Brewery, London, and its success led him to open the Pure Evil Gallery in Shoreditch. In the past 5 years, Pure Evil has exhibited in China, Russia, Brazil, America and across Europe. To date, Pure Evil has been a part of over 50 different exhibitions with both emerging and established artists. Today Pure Evil maintains his gallery whilst producing a monthly radio show, running regular workshops and lecturing about Street Art. Pure Evil’s “tear,” the striking emblem that pervades his most recent Nightmare series, was inspired by a documentary on Liz Taylor’s and Richard Burton’s relationship. After witnessing the love and hate vacillating between Taylor and Burton and realising that most relationships share this level of tension, the Nightmare series’ “tear” was born. Pure Evil will take up residency in a Bathing Machine which he will decorate with a Graffiti portrait of Queen Victoria with his signature tear and where he will play a durational DJ set audible by silent-disco head-phones.