This fairy comes round your house.
You, she says, are in luck.
Ask for anything you want. Anything in the world and I’ll give it to you. But whatever you ask for, your neighbour gets the same thing, but double.
Great. You say. Fine.
Cut out one of my eyes.   


What impact do social media, capitalism, and consumerism have on our feelings, and more specifically, on our envy?  


With a raucous chorus of original music, award-winning theatre maker Rachel Mars and four belting female singers bring you a gleeful, dark show about the hidden  workings of envy.   


Part symphony, part exorcism, Our Carnal Hearts is a thrilling and murky celebration of desire, competition and all the times we screw each other over. A cross between theatre, comedy and singing session the show constantly takes you from laughter to dead seriousness.   


Performed with a surround-sound choral score by Louise Mothersole, it comes to LLAWN after sell-outs across the UK and US.    


Performances at 6:00pm on Sat 16th and 2:00pm on Sun 17th in the Embassy Ballroom in the Queens Hotel.


To reserve a space book in person at the Festival Hub on the festival weekend or online here: http://buytickets.at/llawn/114583

There will also be some spaces held for walkups for each performance.


Suitable For: 12+
Running Time: 1 hour