Photomarathons are popular across Europe, with regular events in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, Russia and erm…Cardiff. CALL, in partnership with LLAWN, brought this event to Llandudno for the very first time on June 17th.   75 participants explored the streets of Llandudno looking for opportunities to take 8 photos on 8 different topics over 8 hours. Everyone rose to the challenge and produced an incredible collection of images which the judges picked our winners from.   Ahh, the judges. Who are these mysterious figures I hear you ask? Well, We’ll tell you. We have Alfredo Cramerotti, Director of Oriel Mostyn, Paul Sampson, Curator of Oriel Colwyn and Steve Morris, Chair of Llandudno Photographic Society.   Winners will be announced on the Friday of the festival and all, yes ALL, the pictures from the event will be exhibited in the LLAWN hub at 10 Vaughan Street for the duration of the festival. So do come along and have a look.   Suitable For: All Ages