Red Yellow Blue what colour will you dog chewz?


  • Saturday September 14th
  • Llandudno Promenade

Did you know that dogs can see in colour? They have colour vision similar to humans with red/green colour blindness.

If you have ever wondered if your dog has a favourite colour, you can find out on Saturday September 14th as part of LLAWN!

From 11am on Llandudno promenade we will be hosting a fun packed day for our canine friends and their loving owners! Throughout the day we will demonstrate using a special doggy computer and touchscreen, that dogs can discriminate between red, yellow, and blue.

You can even sign up for one of the special doggy touchscreen taster sessions, so that your dog too can learn to use the doggy computer. For those that are technologically challenged, we have a real-life version of the Red Yellow Blue choice test. Here your special friend can choose their favourite coloured fluffy dog toy, or tennis ball, for the ball junkies out there.

To celebrate the wonderful theme of Red, Yellow, Blue, what colour are you? We encourage owners to dress up in their favourite colour and match their dogs’ accessories (colour/harness/lead/bandana) to coordinate with them. Send us your photos to the Red Yellow Blue what colour are you FB Page or pop over to see us at the dog cabin and we will take a picture for you! The pictures will be exhibited in a place in town on Sunday, so get snapping!