Sally O Reilly


  • Pageant of the Kept
  • Performance
  • Bathing Machine
  • Saturday 14th: 11 to 5pm
  • Sunday 15th: 11 to 5pm

Pageant of the Kept

Pageant of the Kept is an exposé of self-taught artificial emotional intelligence.

In a culture of over-production, planned obsolescence, fast fashion and automation, objects must compete hard for our affections. They might offer a novel function, save time in a new way or be designed to seem friendly or sexy (although not so much so that they become difficult to replace). But what of older things, made to last but obsolete and not yet antique?

When clearing out her parents’ house, Sally O’Reilly discovered boxes and cupboards filled with broken, irrelevant, upgraded objects. How had they survived the many spring-cleans, house moves, modernisations and declutter fits?

Rescued once more from the house-clearer’s skip, these objects-turned-mimics, flatterers and beguilers make up Pageant of the Kept, a showcase of bric-a-brac with an instinct for self-preservation.