Sandbox is an extraordinary live discussion filmed with six special guests in Venue Cymru, Llandudno.

Created in homage to cult 1980’s TV show After Dark, Sandbox is an unedited, uncensored, live broadcast with no studio audience and no set end-time. These unique conditions provoking unusually open and memorable conversations.

Hosted by writer and presenter, Peter Curran, creator of Radio 4’s Bunk Bed, this innovative event brings together six opinionated people from various backgrounds and viewpoints to engage in a free and open-ended discussion on a theme State of Unease.

Sandbox at LLAWN04 is a partnership between Migrations, LLAWN04, Culture Colony, Giddy Goat Productions and Venue Cymru.

Sandbox begins 11.00pm on Fri 23rd Sept.
Watch online at

NOTE: This event can only be experienced via the Migrations website and cannot be attended in person.