Shell: Robert Pitwell

The starting point for this site specific project is┬áto investigate a particular building’s history and resonance and to absorb its atmosphere in order to see what ideas unfold. A dialogue of sorts, with its past, needs to be established in order to create an original experience within the context of its frame work. Rob had a very positive reaction on first encountering this old building ( the former garage belonging to the Tudno Castle Hotel ), having known it for many years but not having entered it before. When he discovered that it was going to be knocked down shortly after LLAWN02 (to become a car park ) he felt compelled to honour its memory through a creative response. The inspiration for the work will come from that initial visceral reaction to the space, the contents he saw and its smell, in particular the lingering fumes of sump oil and a selection of parquet flooring stored there , taken from one of Mostyn Estates other properties .

Leading up to the LLAWN02 weekend Rob will be in residence within the space . Ideas have already emerged as to where it might all lead. So far, these thoughts address the environment and pilgrimage and resonate with the history of art. It will be a poetic response to the space and the materials used, in order to produce a unique, evocative installation experience that honours the building’s past and its imminent passing .The title of the project SHELL refers to the membrane/exterior of a building and the investigation/ inversion of its interior.


  • Where: Tudno Castle Hotel
  • When: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Times: 11.00 – 17.00 each day
  • Festival┬ácommission