Sobbing House

Sobbing House

Eli Acheson-Elmassry

‘Sobbing House’ is a soft coral-coloured latex cast of the front of the Eli’s home on Anglesey. The idea came out of the artist’s experiments to take physical impressions from items important to her and create meaning in contexts of association. She wanted to examine a concept of home, which embodies so much more to us ever than a mere house could.

For LLAWN03 the skin of her home will be suspended in the back yard of Tudno Castle hotel. Sobbing House will have a strange, symbolic and somehow befitting discourse with the soon to be partially demolished adjacent derelict hotel.


  • Who: Eli Acheson-Elmassry
  • Where: Tudno Castle Hotel, rear
  • When: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, all day
  • Website: 
  • Blog:
  • Supported (financially and physically) by: Jamie Seager Scaffolding Services Ltd



Sobbing House