Host/Operator is a sound performance project that uses intuitive sound performance to address ideas of performative state; the mental and physical space we occupy when engaging with the creative process. To date Host/Operator have performed, recorded and released over 24 hours of audio material across 50 audio releases.

The performative state is singular moment that you inhabit when performing that is abstracted from time and void of contextual response of the current external stimulus. It involves living in the moment allowing us the freedom to act without hesitation and with the absence of intrusion.  The performative state is a feedback loop of performance/response inside the same moment and action.

Host/Operator has been invited to Llandudno and complete definitive historical record of the town using the new discovered science of Audio Chronology. Audio chronology is a form of sonic archaeology that employs performative state sound performances to derive the definitive history of people, places and objects.  

The performance partnership of Charles Gershom & Reverend Tate will embark on a two-day procession through the town, performing live at pre-determined locations. The audience is invited to experience Audio Chronology in action at each location. Performances commence at sunset on Friday 15th September, and conclude on Sunday 17th September.


Suitable For: All Ages
Running Time: Across 48 hours in timed intervals