Sonic Balloon (LLAWN04 commission)

Roll up, roll up, roll up for the most ginormous, magical, spectacular musical coconut shy in the world!

The Sonic Balloon is a fun, interactive musical installation incorporating music technology, multi-instrumental composition, five three-foot helium balloons, and three buckets of bouncy balls. You, the audience, are invited to take over the orchestra and conduct a miniature symphony of brass, strings, drums, piano, electric guitars and a choir.

Take a handful of rubber bouncy balls, bounce them off the floor and try to hit a giant helium balloon to bring in a section of the ‘orchestra’. Connected to each balloon are sensors which trigger a musical track which can be brought in or silenced at any time. As conductor, you shape the texture, dynamics and instrumentation, all the while experiencing music in a whole new light. All you need to be able to do is bounce a ball and you, your family and friends can partake in creating something unique and beautiful…you may never listen to music in the same way again!

This piece was created by musician and composer Timothy Tate, in collaboration with electromechanical music technologist Jay Harrison, especially for LLAWN Arts Weekend 2016. No rehearsal, practise or musical expertise required…Step right this way and let the fun and music commence!

Come and make music with the Sonic Balloons in a pop-up space in the Victoria Centre, 10.00am-5.00pm on Sat 24th Sep and 11.00am-4.30pm on Sun 25th Sep.