Sonic Wave Laboratory

Sonic Wave Laboratory

The local sonic artists take inspiration from the off shore wind farm and produce a piece of work that relates directly to it.  Large outdoor rotating machines with sensors are located within the promenade shelters that interact with passes by and audio sourced direct from the wind farm to create an ever changing sound composition. These temporary mini turbines form a small quintet that can be listened to either individually or inside their laboratory ( a converted Bathing Machine ). The composition is created by nature and shaped by manmade machines.


  • Who: Charles Gershom / Ed Wright
  • Where: Promenade,  opposite Venue Cymru
  • When: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Times: 12.00 – 18.00 each day


Charles Gershom

Born in Llandudno and recently returned Charles has a lifelong obsession with technology. His practice is built around an intuitive and often symbiotic relationship with this technology.

Much of his work features custom built machines created from de-constructed consumer electronics. Charles uses this to produce electronic installations, audio performances and computer generated video with a very bare mechanic aesthetic.

Charles graduated in June 2013 with a First Class BA in Fine Art. Charles has had work commissioned for the BBC, regularly exhibits and supports multiple projects by providing technical knowledge in the capacity of an artist and technologist. His work in support of other artists was recognised in 2013 with the Emma Sullivan Award for individual who has best combined aesthetic skill with social purpose and an awareness of the community.


Ed Wright

Edward Wright was born in Buckinghamshire in 1980, which makes him very old to some people and less so to others. He is a composer because while ‘doing stuff with sound and making noise’ is probably more accurate as a title, it does not sound as impressive. Ed’s work is mainly focused towards the electroacoustic end of the musical spectrum, capturing and developing real world sounds into musical structures, often with the help of computing and immersive playback systems. In spite of this he writes for, and plays, ‘real’ instruments as well, especially the violin and can often been seen busking.

Wright completed a practice-based PhD in music in 2010 focusing on combining electroacoustic and instrumental music as a Parry Williams scholar. Exciting things that have happened in his career include; formal concerts, performances over-seas, gigs in castles, circuses, swimming pools and an abandoned gunpowder factory, a ‘mention’ at the Prix Bourges, and airplay on BBC Radio 1 and S4C television. Alongside his creative work Ed also teaches music, lecturing at Bangor University and running a number of community projects.

Ed lives in North Wales with Emma, their daughter Alena, Black Bess the stealth ninja pirate cat, and finds it very hard to write about himself in the third person.

His work is available through the Blipfonica label.