LLAWN presents a TactileBOSCH takeover!

Cardiffs’ infamous artist collective tactileBOSCH is coming to North Wales for the first time and are looking for creatives from across the country to join them at LLAWN.

tactileBOSCH Artist call

Taking LLAWN’s theme ‘A Line In The Sand’ as a point of departure, tactileBOSCH presents ‘Out of Line’, An immersive, site responsive, multimedia event taking place in a derelict Victorian building in the centre, In the spirit of crossing the line, artists are also invited to break out of the space and respond to various sites around the town.

Out of Line celebrates the unruly, the non-linear, the improper, the unexpected, and the defiant. Traversing boundaries, edges, borders. Touching limits, crossing thresholds. Of creases, contours, furrows and grooves. Rules, scored, scratched, and traced. A thread-like mark. A cord, a guide, lineage, descent. A way of acting or proceeding, a direction.

Out of Line will present works which explore, complicate and disrupt the notion of the line and linearity by a group of artists selected by tatctileBOSCH from across the UK.


tactileBOSCH is an arts collective based in Cardiff that champions experimentation and specializes in performance art, multi-media, and site-specific installation. Through its exciting programme of exhibitions and events,  tactileBOSCH seek out and adapt to new spaces and contexts, granting permission to artists to experiment with their work in a way entirely impossible in a traditional or gallery setting, offering interesting, transformative and unusual spaces that audiences can explore, and become immersed in creating a complex dialogue between artist, curator, location and audience.