The Trip

Migrations brings you the latest creation of Tombs Creatius, a wonderful company from Catalonia devising the most imaginative games and experiences to bring life, fun and interaction back to the streets. After presenting the highly acclaimed The Strange Travels of Senyor Tonet and Color de Monstre, we now bring you their most mysterious and intriguing project so far.

For The Trip, Tombs Creatius have designed an amazing and quirky looking trailer; you will be invited to lie down slide inside for your own unique journey.

We can’t tell you more or it would spoil the surprise!

‘The Trip invites the spectator to a solitary experience, on a “stellar trip”. A trip which takes the participant to the limit, to the real border or… who knows? Maybe the unique border, the one which separates life from death.’  Tombs Creatius

”The Trip” is suitable for audiences aged 14 years old and over.

Migrations presents a series of contemporary performances and interactive installations featuring high profile international artists – an exciting window onto today’s contemporary artistic landscape.
Author: Toni Tomàs
Production: Tombs Creatius
Artistic accompaniment: Paco Paricio
Technical director: Sergio Sisques.
Actor: Toni Tomàs.
Music: Josep BaldomàBALDO.
Design: SopaGraphics.
Animation: Carles Alberdi, Alfred Sesma.
Construction: Diego Xavier Caicedo, Antoni Tomàs.

Funded by: Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government, National Lottery, Paul Hamlyn Foundation

1 min.

Come and experience The Trip, 11.00am – 5.00pm both Sat 24th and Sun 25th Sep on The Promenade.