Unfortunately we were unable to reach our crowd funding target therefore this event will not be taking place


Alan Goulbourne, Crowd funding project

The last two festivals have utilised a central area in town called North Western Gardens, fondly known locally as Bog Island. There was a beautiful old oak tree in the centre of the gardens, which became a focus for many of the festival’s events. Unfortunately the tree was severely damaged in a storm and had to be cut down. The only thing left is a sorry-looking stump, a pitiful reminder of a lost, majestic totem.

The underpinning theme of LLAWN is the presence of absence, with the addition this year of the tag line ‘Revisit/Reveal’. Our intention is to Revisit the site, Resurrect the tree and Reveal its temporary replacement in a work by sculptor Alan Goulbourne.

Alan’s sculptural works utilise sawn wood with which he constructs bold and often physically overwhelming structures. He will reconstruct the tree in a participatory action, in which we are holding a scrap wood amnesty. People from Llandudno and further afield will be asked to search their sheds and garages for discarded, neglected or forgotten-about bits of wood.

Once built, the tree will once again become the focal point of the festival and indeed the town. Many events will take place around it, including story-telling sessions, dance performances and a new commission by Dawns i Bawb.


  • Who: Alan Goulbourne
  • Where: North Western Gardens
  • When: Friday, Saturday, Sunday – all day
  • Website: