Vernacular, Marc Rees and Owen Griffiths

Tabernacle, Neil Asher

‘For want of a generic label, we shall call it vernacular, anonymous, spontaneous, indigenous, rural as the case may be… ‘
Bernard Rudofsky, Architecture without Architects, 1964
‘Vernacular’ is a response created by Marc Rees and Owen Griffiths that stems from the research and development period undertaken as part of Ideas, People, Places ( Stage 1) led by Helfa Gelf and Mostyn Estates . The curators’ main focus was Lost Spaces: places within a townscape which are unused or significantly under-utilised. They have enormous untapped potential to
contribute positively to the unique, built, Llandudno environment, to develop the sense of “place” of the town, a space for imagination, experimentation, conversation and play.
The curators’ vision was to identify Llandudno’s “Lost Spaces” and, via thought provoking and exciting programming, develop a platform for discussion that will ultimately lead to them being reimagined and revitalised in a way that benefits all, with culture and community at their core
‘Vernacular’ incorporates materials and shapes that were at hand, creating a host space, an embracing architecture, a soft interplay – both at odds and in dialogue with the nature and architecture of the Tabernacle as a site for people to ‘cwrdd’ / gather. ‘Vernacular’ attempts to offer a bridging place – an environment to determine and discuss the future of the building and its functions, a temporary presence providing ‘other’ space, before the new work of building,designing and shaping starts.
‘Vernacular’ will also host a short film by Neil Asher called Tabernacle
The film draws on the building’s extraordinary political past and its former minister, Lewis Valentine; reunites former key members of the congregation with the building’s recent history and also physically reconnects the very last person baptised in the space, in order to question its future. All this peppered with poetic shots of architectural details , fragments of artefacts and floating particles of dust.


  • Where: Tabernacle Chapel
  • When: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Times: 11.00 – 17.00 each day